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Welcome to the Holmes-lab homepage

Here we are investigating next generation advanced materials and their nanostructures for the development of new quantum technologies. Research is undertaken in close collaboration with the Arakawa lab at the Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, and the Iwamoto Lab at The Institute of Industrial Science. Our studies involve both optical spectroscopy using ultrafast pulsed laser systems for photon counting, and theoretical simulations of nanomaterial electronic structures. In particular we research the optoelectronic properties of quantum dots and other nanostructures for application to single photon sources.



Our latest research on measurements of single photon emission dynamics of III-nitride interface fluctuation quantum dots has been published in Physica Status Solidi a (applications and materials science). Read more here! We are also proud to annouce that this work has been selected as the front cover art for the journal (art made by Holmes).


We welcome Aoki Tomoyuki, who has joined the Holmes Lab as a master's student!


Holmes presented a general science talk on the use of light (particularly single photons) for future quantum technologies at "Tokyo Nerd Nite". (Photos provided by Andrew and John).


A very happy new year! We welcome Xiaoxiao Sun from Peking University, who has joined the Holmes Lab for the next 2 years.


New paper on measurements of "Nanosecond-scale spectral diffusion in the single photon emission of a GaN quantum dot" is published in AIP advances. Check it out here!


Gao Kang has presented his recent work on spectral diffusion in GaN Quantum dots at the 7th International Symposium on Photonics and Electronics Convergence


A new paper on "Temperature dependence of the single photon emission from interface-fluctuation GaN quantum dots" has been published in Scientific Reports. Check it out here!


Several presentations are to be given at the International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS-12). Gao Kang will present his work on spectral diffusion timescale measurements, and Holmes will present recent work on single photon emitters [as a late news presentation]. Our recently published ACS Photonics paper in collaboration with Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg will also be presented at the conference.


Opening plenary talk given at UK Semiconductors 2017. It's been a great conference with lots of stimulating scientific discussion. Many thanks to the conference committee for inviting me to come over and speak!


A gallery section has now been added to this website, check it out!


We welcome Helen Springbett, from the University of Cambridge, to work in the lab for the next 2 months as a JSPS summer programme fellow.


Experiment section added to this website, complete with photos of the new measurement system!


Paper on "Ultraclean Single Photon Emission from a GaN Quantum Dot" has been accepted for publication in Nano Letters. Congratulations to all involved!


Invited presentation given at the 2017 General Conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, held at Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan.


Presentation given at the Japan Society of Applied Physics Spring Meeting 2017 held at Yokohama, Japan. I'm honored that this presentation was selected as "one to watch" by the conference committee.


Invited talk on single photon emitters given at the International Symposium on Photonics and Electronics Science and Engineering 2017 held at Kyoto University, Kyoto.


Invited talk given at the JSAP Workshop on Quantum Information and Related Fields held at the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo.


Paper on "Emission of linearly polarized single photons from quantum dots contained in nonpolar, semipolar and polar sections of pencil-like InGaN/GaN nanowires" in collaboration with Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg has been accepted for publication in ACS Photonics. Congratulations to all involved! Otsukaresama!


Introductory presentation at the Institute of Industrial Science's "SEIKEN SALON", The University of Tokyo.


Holmes lab is opened